Rubber, Plastic and More - Top Science Project Ideas


One of the most interesting and educational aspects of school is learning different concepts and ideas through trying them. Many of these concepts and theories are taught during classroom activities and experiments. With the guidance of teachers and instructors, children can watch and even participate in the scientific activities in the classroom. However, another great place for students to learn is to actually doing the experiment in science fairs and at home projects.

Participation in science fairs and in homework projects are a great way for kids to learn various scientific concepts, determine a way to make them work and find a way to present them either to students in the classroom or for the community. From working with magnets to making a simple machine, science projects and experiments can be a great way to learn more about our world. To help students and parents in selecting and conducting their science project, following are several helpful websites with practical ideas from which to choose from. We hope this guide helps all your budding scientists:

Elementary School Projects

Middle School Projects