Clear Plastic Bags - Find Clear Plastic Bag


Everyday, millions upon millions of clear plastic bags are pulled from their cardboard boxes and put to good use.  Mothers make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for their children to take to school for lunch and put them in clear sandwich bags. Sandwich bags are good for many things besides sandwiches.

A sandwich bag is a clear plastic bag that measures roughly 6 inches by 5 inches and usually has a sealable top.  The clear plastic bag might havea zipper lock that slides across the open end to keep the contents from spilling out.  There is something like a tongue and groove closure where the two sides lock together by squeezing the special strip at the top of the bag.

There are many other kinds of clear plastic bags that have somewhat different uses.  They can range in size from a quart to a gallon.  There may be some that are more than a gallon and I know, for a fact, that there are some that are half the size of a regular sandwich bag.  My wife accidentally picked up what she thought were sandwich bags, but they turned out to be about half the height of a piece of bread, but the normal width of a regular sandwich bag.  I'm not sur why you would want or need these apparently new creations.

When you refer to a clear plastic bag, you usually call it by its size.  You might ask for a big gallon bag if you are storing a bunch of fried chicken or a small plastic bag if you want to take some grapes with you to work.  When you ask for a baggy, it is commonly understood that you are requesting a clear plastic bag designed to hold a sandwich or something no bigger than a sandwich.

When you think of clear plastic bags, they can be for freezing leftovers, cooking a juicy roast, holding peanuts or candy or just keeping small items in one place.  Screws and bolts needed to assemble knocked down furniture come in clear plastic bags that you usually have to rip open.  There are many more examples.  I don't know what we would do without clear plastic bags.