Since the invention of plastics,  means in which to form plastics have undergone several evolutions.  These evolutions, commonly known in the field as plastic extrusion, can now shape everything in plastic from straws, to toys, to retail shelving and label holders.  Many plastic manufacturers usually specialize in one type of plastic extrusion while others may even branch out and produce custom plastic extrusions.

     The process of plastic extrusion involves raw plastic particles also known as resin, being fed through a plastic extruder.  Plastic extruders are primarily rotary machines, used with or without heat, to melt or squeeze form the plastic into the desired shape and/or mold.  The mold is located at the opposite end of the machine and once the plastic has been forced through the rotary. screw-like components it is pushed into the mold and cooled.  Plastic PVC pipes, sheets and other materials are made by this process.

     Several additonal subtypes of the process exist.  They are used when and in conjunction with the formation of such items as plastic coatings over electrical wires, plastic coatings on paper, and UV coatings on plastic building materials such as window frames. Plastic is an excellent heat retention material, which is a plus in building but a minus when it needs to be cooled after molding.  It really is astounding what plastic is used for and what it can do.

     Lastly, let’s look at a number of companies who are now taking on custom plastic extrusions.   This occurs when a customer approaches a company with a unique problem or idea but doesnt have the design or tech experience to produce it.  Design experts at the plastic extrusions plan  use Autocad, a design engineer’s computer program, to create the specific item the customer is looking for.  Once approved the design is moved into the processing phase where the custom die, or mold, is made to create the item three-dimensionally.  Because these projects often lead to more projects and the advancement of plastic usage and design, it is highly beneficial for plastic extrusion companies to take on these opportunities.