Kids Guide to Polymer Clay and Crafts


Polymer Clay and Crafts!

Polymer clay is a type of material that is used to model and make a lot of really cool crafts. Both kids and adults can make crafts with polymer clay because it is quite cheap. When baked in a home oven, it hardens to a solid state. To create even cooler polymer clay crafts, other basic tools may be needed such as a pasta machine or roller, shape cutter, X-acto knife, push molds, stamps and bead rollers. Polymer clay can be used to create a lot of different projects, including jewelry, animal sculptures, flower pots and much more. The following resources will offer more information on polymer clay crafts.

What is Polymer Clay?
Polymer clay is used by crafters and artists for a bunch of different purposes. It can be shaped in ways that other clays can’t. Actually, it is not real clay but people call it ‘clay’ because it has a similar texture. It comes in many different colors and you can make even more colors by blending two or more together. It works just like paint! Polymer clay is smooth so it can be used for sculpting and to create fine details too. The clay can be cured, which means it is made harder by heat or chemicals. Curing polymer clay can be done in a conventional, toaster or convection oven. Polymer clay can be cut with scissors, inked, stamped, molded, gold and silver leafed, inlayed, tiled, or cut with cookie cutters. With the right tools, you can make some of the neatest projects ever using polymer clay.

  • About Polymer Clay: Frequently asked questions and answers about polymer clay and its uses.
  • Types of Polymer Clay: List of the most common types of polymer clay available on the market today.
  • Free Polymer Clay Instruction Sheet: Learn about the types of polymer clay, its many uses and preparation and baking tips.
  • What is Polymer Clay?: Overview of polymer clay, what it contains and how it is used by artists.
  • Polymer Clay Play Club: Information on polymer clay from the Polymer Clay Play Club.

DIY Polymer Beads

  • Polymer Clay Spot: Frequently asked questions and answers on how to make all kinds of polymer clay beads.
  • Free Beading Instructions: Guide to making polymer clay beads by hand.
  • All Crafts: Tool list with directions on how to make hollow tube beads of different sizes using conditioned polymer clay.
  • Poly-Tools: Instructions with photographs on how to make a polymer clay bead using a pro bead roller.
  • Art Trader Magazine: Article that gives detailed instructions on making Pandora-style beads with polymer clay.
  • Cornrows: Guide to creating dreadlock beads for use in cornrows with polymer clay as a medium.
  • Desired Creations: How to make lentil swirled beads from polymer clay using the Plated Bicone Bead Method.
  • Millefiori Beads: Video that provides step-by-step instructions on creating millefiori beads from polymer clay.
  • Abnormal Arts: Tutorial on how to create two different types of polymer clay beads.

DIY Polymer Crafts/Tutorials

  • Dumbledore Polymer Clay Craft – Use polymer clay to make a figurine of one of the most beloved characters in Harry Potter.
  • Clay Tools: Beginners guide to tools needed to make clay sculptures and jewelry.
  • The Poly Parrot: Learn how to cover a regular pen with polymer clay and paint it to make it look awesome!
  • Clay Squared: Page of fun project ideas using polymer clay, such as necklaces with clay beads and buttons.
  • Miniature Cake – How to make a miniature cake figurine out of polymer clay. Remember, you can’t eat this cake. It’s only made to look pretty.
  • Art and Soul: Photographs and a lesson for creating a millefiori flower cane with sheets of polymer clay.
  • Doll Tutorial: Instructions on how to properly sculpt a doll face with polymer clay and how to attach hair to it.
  • Modeling the Animal Figure: Guide to creating animal figures with polymer clay and how to add enough detail to make them look more realistic.
  • Champ the Cat: Step-by-step guide to creating “Champ the Cat” with polymer clay, a toothpick, satin ribbon and seed beads.
  • Polymer Clay Express: Materials and techniques required to create basic rubber stamping with polymer clay.
  • Star Bulletin: Information on making fake flower leis using polymer clay cut into petals with a tear-shaped tool.
  • Lazertran: Guide to creating Lazertran silk and polymer clay jewelry starting by printing an image of your choice via laser printer.
  • Dancing and Designs: Instructions on making a spliced cane using two or more different Skinner Blends.
  • Bead Unique: Brief demo on mixing shades and colors and then creating a jellyroll to form a pretty clay cane.
  • Polymer Clay Central: Instructions on how to create holiday ornaments through rubber stamping on polymer clay.
  • Clay Creations: Creative projects for children using polymer clay and other basic clay tools.
  • Clay Critters: Children can use their sculpting skills to create cute, scary or magical critters from polymer clay!
  • Polymer Clay Crafts for Kids: Page of polymer clay crafts, including a clay owl, gift tags, ornaments, a key chain and a mini-book.
  • Polyform: Here you will find lesson plans for kids’ projects that use polymer clay to create animal statues.
  • Crafts 4 Kids: Information on creating blue hen pottery for kids along with some really fun patterns.
  • Miniature Cake: How to make miniature cake using polymer clay and other clay tools. Remember: it’s not a real cake, it just looks like one. Don’t eat it! 
  • Chadis Crafts’ Fun Page: Guide to making a 6-sided box out of polymer clay paper mache.