Precision Plastics: Paintballing for Beginners

The popularity of paintballing has grown by leaps and bounds in the past several years. You, too, can enjoy the sport with friends and with family. It can be played casually, seriously, and even professionally – it all depends on how often you choose to play, at what level of expertise, and how much you want to spend.

Even if you intend to play occasionally and simply for fun, paintball isn’t a sport anyone can walk onto a field and play. The game does have a specific etiquette of which every player, regardless of skill-level, must know. For example, players who have removed their mask to clean it are no longer a target. However, for safety reasons, no player should remove his or her mask at an inappropriate time or location. Blind firing is not allowed! What’s that? If you can’t see what you’re shooting at, don’t shoot. Do not shoot at referees, or nearby wildlife. Close-range or point-blank shots are painful, even through protective clothing. Consequently, many fields require players to offer a surrender to the opposing player when within 20 feet with a clear shot.

Also, keep in mind: you may not be able to play paintball in your own back yard. Many states have laws prohibiting using a paintball gun anywhere except an area specifically designated for safe paintball play. Check the laws for your state.

Most important – playing safely. Goggles made especially to shield the eyes from paintballs traveling at speeds of up to 204 miles per hour, MUST be worn. Younger children should be supervised during play.

What follows is a series of links to sites that will be helpful to the paintball beginner in comparing equipment, the games often played in paintball, locations of fields around the U.S., professional tournaments, and a host of other information.

When your child wants to play Paintball – This is a guide for parents with a child who is interested in taking up the sport. Adults interested in paintball as an occasional sporting activity should also read this guide for important safety information.

A Parent’s Paintball Info Guide – Parents should read this BEFORE purchasing any paintball equipment for your paintball beginner-offspring.

Play Safely – Here is some great info on how to be a safe participant in this sport.

History of Paintball – You’ll find information as to when paintball started and how it’s grown since.


Tippmann Co. – This company is reputable and well-known throughout the sport of paintball. Find views and prices of the company’s various models of paintball guns.

Valken Company – Here is the site of another popular name in paintball guns.

Spyder – All kinds of paintball guns and gun accessories can be found here, the site of another competitor in paintball gun equipment.

RAP4 – Find more types of paintball guns with prices here.

Paintball Accessories – There are things here like mines, grenades, paintballs, etc.

Field Gear – This is a site where you’ll find holsters, and “filling station” tubing for CO2 or compressed air, barrel sleeves, and all kinds of equipment.

Equipment Rental – All kinds of equipment needed for safe play is often available for rent; check out this website for a Washington company that sells and rents equipment packages.

Protection – At this site there are protective pads for knees and the body, which some players say help their game.

Goggles – It’s possible to be safe and still look nasty…some intimidating goggles on this site.

Eye Protection is a Top Priority – Find an array of goggles and corresponding prices here.

More Best-selling Masks – Find some different masks shown here with prices.

Barrel Blocking Device (BBD) – This is a requirement on most paintball fields.

What’s a “Hopper”? – It’s something you need for your paintball gun no matter what your skill level.

Splat Dogs – This company’s site shows a few different types of hoppers and prices.

Chronograph – This, too, is required by most fields. It measures velocity of the fired paint pellets; costs range from $80 to $200. (Most teams share one.)

CO2 for Paintball – This is a great article for paintball newbies from Paintball Times, and includes some helpful info on CO2.

Punishers Paintball – Here you’ll find several Tippmann models, goggles, CO2 systems, field gear, clothing, etc.

(NOTE: Equipment can be rented at most paintball facilities, and most require a reservation. When calling ahead, ask whether rental is available.)

Paintball Game Rules

Paintball Etiquette – To ensure there’s a second invitation to come out and play, be the kind of player most people will want on their team.

How to Play by the Rules – This site is great info for those who’ve never played before or is a great refresher for those who only play on occasion.

Team Play – Know the right time and the right way to do things in paintball.

More Info on the Right Way  – Good stuff to know for your first outing.

Tournament Paintball – If you think you might graduate to tournament play, these events have their own rules.

Popular Paintball Games

Field Games – Find some basics here on how to play some popular paintball games.

Capture the Flag – Check out this site for this game and variations of other popular paintball games.

Woods ball – This is simply playing outdoors among naturally occurring trees, rocks, etc., for hiding.

Games at Tournaments – Here is a look at typical paintball tournament games and some variations; includes recreational games.

On-line video paintball – Good practice for just getting started in paintball. Fun, too.

Paintball Events

Check this out – NPPL Championships in Las Vegas!

College-level Paintball – Visit this site for info on Class AA and Class A collegiate tournaments.

Paintball Groups, Clubs, Fields

Professional Paintballers – Check out this site to National Paintball Players Association.

Michigan Lone Wolf Paintball – This site gives an idea as to the kinds of activities and events going on elsewhere in the sport of paintball.

Giant Paintball Parks – View the site for this chain of paintball parks in southern California.

Bonehead Paintball – Take a look at this site for an indoor paintball field in Las Vegas.

Outdoor Paintball – Combat-style outdoor paintball in Las Vegas battle-action Las Vegas.