While many materials exist in the construction industry fiberglass is one of the strongest and lightest in weight materials that can be used for multiple purposes. The uses are as vast as the imagination itself of the creator.

During the construction of such things as boats, cars, piping, roofing, water storage containers, and even the covering for exterior doors, this fiberglass re-inforced plastic makes each possible. With the many shapes that can be formed using fiberglass, the sky is the limit when designing such things as new age automobiles.

In the process of creating fiberglass a large furnace is used to melt the chemical/sand mixture till it reaches a liquid state, then by using very small openings that allows the extrusion the liquid now becomes tiny filaments. The process continues sizing these filaments by use of a chemical compound, which as they are gathered in large numbers this process is known as roving. To determine the weight after roving you look to the diameter of those filaments, which this yield is most commonly known as yards according to each pound.

The description what exactly is meant by heavy roving is the smallest number, for instance the usual yields begin around 225 and range up from there. Now with the rovings you have the ability to use this in different applications which include fabrics, shooting from a gun which cuts the fiberglass into small bits with the addition of resin, pipe contruction, and pultrusion. For it to be used in the mak ing of fabric the fiberglass is bonded with different fabric to construct a mat.

By the multiple laying of fiberglass on top of other fibers can reinforce the strength and quality of how stiff the product will be. With the use of fiberglass reinforced plastic the design it only as limited as the designers imagination.

With the use of fiberglass in your construction, whether that is in the housing industry, automobile fabrication, boat manufacture, or simply the piping fields you have many options. By the use of a lightweight flexible material that will provide exactly what your purpose requires.