Teflon coatings have come under scrutiny in recent years, despite the fact that PTFE coatings have been repeatedly shown to be safe when used in the course of normal activities.  The point at which a Teflon coating can be damaged by heat is far above that used in typical culinary pursuits.  And, while PTFE coating is extremely durable when used as directed, even when maltreated and chipped or scratched, the resulting debris is not toxic because it is not digested.  Teflon coatings are not dangerous to your health–but did you know they can actually be good for your health?

It’s true.  The benefits of PTFE coated pots and pans extend beyond their no-stick functionality, and their impact on your health extends beyond being safe.  Teflon spray coating on a cooking pan can actually make you healthier.  It’s health benefits aren’t a result of something that Teflon spray adds to your diet, but rather a result of something that Teflon helps you eliminate from your diet.  

Reduction of excess fat in one’s diet is perhaps the most important benefit of using Teflon coated cookware.  Traditionally, fats have been used in cooking worldwide and in many cultures.  One reason fats are used in cooking is because they can enhance the taste, texture, and shelf life of many different foods.  However, they have also been used extensively in cooking around the world as a method of preventing the adherance of cooked food to cooking utensils.  With a simple coating of Teflon spray, a cooking pan becomes "non-stick."  Some fats are necessary in one’s diet, but we often use fat that doesn’t enhance taste, health, or the culinary experience simply to keep food from sticking to a pan.

Teflon coatings help to reduce the need to do so.  With the help of culinary utensils enhanced with PTFE coating, excess fat may be eliminated from one’s diet painlessly. Better yet, you probably won’t even miss it, as those fats didn’t improve the taste of your food at all. Teflon spray coating–not only safe, but healthy.