Fiberglass has its roots as far back as 1870. The first type of fiberglass was called mineral wool and was made in 1870 by John Player.
It was at the 1893 World Fair where fiberglass was put on display in the form of a dress. In 1938 fiberglass insulation was first produced.
The company that invented fiberglass insulation was Owens Corning Company. The Owens Corning Company is still the top producer of fiberglass
insulation. Fiberglass insulation is a material that is produced from fibers that are placed close together.

Fiberglass is really easy to find for people to buy today. Most hardware stores sell the product to the general public at reasonable prices.
The insulations are sold in roles of a few feet to many feet. Fiberglass is used to insulate homes to keep them warm in the winter and cool in
the summer. Mostly Fiberglass insulation is used in walls of homes and businesses. It is easily rolled into the frame work of the home as it is
being built. For the hard to reach places fiberglass can be blown into the place that it cannot be rolled. Fiberglass insulation usually comes
in roles that are 4 inches thick. The length and width vary by the size of the role. There are a variety of lengths and width for consumers to
choose from, for the various projects. Fiberglass insulation prices vary from store to store. It is always recommended to shop and price out
the various types of insulation before buying.

Some people have taken notice of the savings they find by wrapping
the hot water heater and water pipes in the basement. Fiberglass can be used to wrap a hot water heater to help it from cooling off so fast.
This saves energy and the owner money by not having to pay to heat up the water heater. Water pipes are usually wrapped to keep the water pipes
from freezing.  To wrap a pipe use fiberglass pipe insulation for wasy installation.  Fiberglass insulation has proven itself over
the years. It has proven to save money and keep homes cool and warm when it is needed most.