Corrugated plastic is a type of plastic sheet product. It is produced from a type of high impact polypropylene resin. This means that corrugated plastics have a make up that is similar to that of corrugated fiberboard. As such, they are lightweight yet tough and can still be cut easily with a craft knife.

You can easily purchase these corrugated plastic sheets in a variety of different colors. However, there are several different names by which it may be known. These include:

  • Coroplast
  • IntePro
  • Correx
  • Twinplast
  • Corriflute
  • Corflute

All of these are actually the brand names for corrugated plastic. Nevertheless, some people do refer to it as such instead of using the term “corrugated plastic.” Therefore, it is important to know these names as well. You should also know that there are times that it is referred to as “Twinwall plastic” too.

The most common use for this material is to create corrugated plastic signs. These are used commercially by businesses. Corrugated plastic is also used to create plastic containers and reusable packaging, which is widely used in packaging cars, electronic parts and agricultural produce.

Today small pet enthusiasts (owners of guinea pigs, rabbits, domesticated hedgehogs, et cetera) are also using corrugated plastic to create a type of do it yourself cage. Also, remote-controlled aircraft enthusiasts are using it for building aircraft that are nearly indestructible.

So, why is corrugated plastic suddenly becoming so popular amongst all of these different people today? It is probably due to the fact that this plastic is unbreakable. It will stand up to adverse weather conditions, harsh chemicals, and other elements. This is because it has additives melt-blended into it so as to meet the specific needs and requirements of the person who will be using it, depending upon what they will be using it for. Some of the many ways in which this plastic can be specially treated to meet a user’s needs is by adding certain chemicals, such as:

  • Ultra violet protection
  • Anti-static protection
  • Flame retardant
  • Customized colors
  • Corrosive inhibitors