Whether you’re building a new home or planning a remodel, the challenge of selecting the right windows can be daunting. Your builder might suggest fiberglass windows for a number of reasons. Let’s look at the facts and see why a fiberglass window is the builder’s choice, and how it fits into your plans and your budget. We’ll also check out fiberglass replacement windows for your remodeling project.

On the list of questions regarding windows, there are three issues that rise to the top:

A.) Cost. Let’s face it. In today’s budget-conscious world, cost is one of the chief factors in any purchase. At first glance, a fiberglass window may appear to be the most expensive. However, if you compare all of the factors, the long term cost of fiberglass windows may well prove to be the most efficient.

B.) Insulating qualities. Note the use of the word efficient above. Some owners of fiberglass windows boast energy savings of twenty per cent and more. But imagine if you only save five to ten per cent. That could still save you enough over time to actually pay for the windows!

C.) Beauty. Particularly in the case of replacement fiberglass windows, their easy paint-ability allows you to match existing colors, and as you’d expect, they’re available in limitless styles, arrays, and configurations.

Whether you’re considering building a new home, or installing fiberglass replacement windows, your builder or remodeling contractor is your best source of information. Most of them appreciate the superior strength of fiberglass because they’re easier to install – they won’t bend or bow. They’ll also tell you that fiberglass won’t rot, won’t mildew, and they virtually eliminate condensation. The builders also like the fact that window frames made of fiberglass hold their form throughout the installation process, resulting in a tight, secure fit.

Of course, you should evaluate all the glass and frame materials on the market before selecting new windows. You’re going to find a lot of variables, but after you’ve compared the ups and downs of aluminum, wood, and vinyl, you’ll find that fiberglass windows are likely the smartest choice.