Molding or moulding has many different applications within a home. It can be used for decoration or for smoothing a transition within a wall. Once the reason for the mold is established, then it’s on to shopping for just the right one and determining what kind of construction material you want it made of.

Construction of molding varies. The more common is milled wood, however you can also find moulding in plaster and plastic. If you are looking for something completely decorative, they are also available in cement and stone, but won’t be as strong as the milled wood.

Moulding will give you the play in light, offering a beveled edge in which shadows will form. It gives every room a unique feel and can be applied in many ways to get different effects.

One of the more popular kinds of molds is crown molding. This is often placed at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling. This adds a majestic look to a room with little cost, as well as potentially hides any imperfections in painting at the corners. The most commonly used material for this is milled wood and can be found at any home improvement store already made, or if you’re good with a saw, then you can create it yourself as well.

Other kinds of architectural molding that you may want to use to enhance your home are base molding and chair rails. The base molding is common within most homes, but if yours is lacking or damaged, this is something that you definitely want to put in. There are hundreds of different profiles and can be as simple as applying a 1 inch thick board on top of the wall where it meets the floor, to a variety of decorative styles.

Chair rails are purely decorative but can be a very dramatic addition to any home. The chair rail molding allows for a break in the shade of the wall, eliminating the monotonous color within a single room. You can choose to keep the wall color the same on both sides of the chair rail, or, to be bolder, you can do two different colors – one on each side.

Molds inside your home can offer a Classic, Gothic, or Contemporary look that is relatively simple to install. Once you’ve decided on the theme, you can easily create your own or find a pre-made molding that will fit the look you are trying to achieve.