If you are a manufacturer and have to ship your product by land, air or sea, you will probably need to bundle it up on pallets.  A conventional pallet is usually made of wood and measures about 4 feet wide by 4 feet long.  It consists of 2 levels of wood slats that are connected by several 2″ x 4″ boards.  A properly constructed pallet can hold several thousand pounds with ease and makes it easy to be moved with a fork lift.

Today, more and more companies that have a need for pallets are turning to hard plastic pallets.  Unlike the traditional wood pallet that is held together with nails, a plastic pallet is made from molded plastic and uses no nails or other hardware to hold it together. 

Plastic pallets are every bit as strong and durable as wood pallets.  They do cost a bit more to make than wooden pallets, but they last just about forever and can be used and reused over and over again.  Wood pallets tend to fall apart over time.  Slats crack and the nails that hold them together sometimes come loose.

You can buy used plastic pallets that are just as functional as they were when they were brand new.  They may have a few scrapes and marks on them, but their structural integrity remains strong and intact.  Plastic pallets are also much safer to handle than wooden pallets.  There are no sharp edges or  rusty, protruding nails.  You can’t get a splinter with a plastic pallet.

One reason that many companies are turning to plastic pallets is that they make good sense economically.  You may have to replace old wooden pallets 3 or 4 times per year, while plastic pallets will last many years before you may have to get some new ones.  For those that have concern about the forests and the use of our natural resources, no trees were ever harmed making plastic pallets.

About the only negative aspect of plastic pallets is that they are so popular and are often a target of theft.  Even if they are not stolen, if you do not specifically request that they be returned, they usually wind up with a new home. 

All in all, investing in plastic pallets is a very wise business decision.