Nearly every house in the country has PVC pipe fittings in place. These pipes are an improvement from the metal pipes that once lived,
under the kitchen sink of thousands of homes, around the world. Since that time plastic pipes known as PVC pipes have replaced these outdated
monstrosities and have revolutionized the entire piping system. These pipes provide more advantages in terms of price, and flexibility.
They come in styles that can be easily fitted to conform to the task at hand.

They come in straight shapes (eternal tee),
flexible (deg elbow) elbow sizes, and one or two side openings (tee connectors). Whatever the job calls for it will not be hard locating the
right PVC pipe fitting. These pipes are reasonable priced, and can be cut to fit into any small or large area. Usually when a plumber comes
out to perform maintenance on the pipes inside, or outside the house, he or she will most likely replace any metal pipes they take out.

This is because PVC pipes are easier to work with, and only take seconds to cut. They come in a variety of sizes,
and can be manipulated to fit into snug fitting areas that metals pipes cannot reach. They can be purchased from any hardware store or
home improvement center. The prices of these pipes range from .25 to less than $10.00. Couplings are the cheapest part of the PVC pipes
to buy. However the 4 way connector costs an average of $7.00.

The PVC pipes and their complimentary fittings are the
cheapest pipes to work with, and the most durable. They can withstand extremely hot temperatures, as well as freezing cold weather. There
is very little chance of these pipes freezing up, and bursting; as most pipes do when they are under severe pressure.  
The average home that has not been updated with the latest PVC fittings will soon become part of this revolutionary era of durable plastic pipes.
Their light weight, and flexible handling makes them every plumber’s first choice. They are even great to use when performing
do-it-yourself projects at home.