The article is about the benefits of using rubber flooring and matting to add safety, comfort and green to flooring solutions.


Rubber floor mats and rubber flooring add a safety element to almost any situation that they are used in. Rubber floor mats come in a variety of sizes and styles that are each designed to perform according to the environment that they are used in. Rubber flooring or rubber mats stick to most surfaces without the use of adhesives. Because the rubber floor mat does not slip neither does the person who walks on the mat. This is an example of the safety benefits of using rubber flooring.

Being Green:

Often times the rubber that is used in rubber flooring and mats is recycled and thus the added benefit of being a green solution is also incorporated with the use of rubber flooring. Used tire and other sources are great resources of recycled rubber. Landfills across America are full of worn out and abandoned tires from the millions of automobiles that we buy use and discard. Using rubber flooring has the added benefit of being a green solution to the removing old tires, etc. from landfills


Rubber flooring is also a cushioning and a healthy benefit to employees who work on hard surfaces daily. The softer slip resistant rubber helps to cushion the joints between bones that would normally be impacted by a harder surface such as concrete. Long-term walking and working on hard surfaces can lead to degeneration of the cartilage cushioning between joints. Employees who stand on hard surfaces will benefit greatly from the use of rubber mats. Get rubber mats for employees who work on harder surfaces. This can be a cost effective solution to long term insurance costs by reducing future claims. Rubber mats used outside of a building can also help to prevent allergens and other potentially toxic substances from being tracked into a home or a work environment.

Overall there are many uses for rubber flooring and floor mats. The added benefit to safety, health and comfort can be seen in both the short and long-term use of rubber flooring. Rubber mats are easy to install and fairly inexpensive.