Rubber playground mulch is the best most affordable materials to cover your children’s play space. Rubber mulch is made of 100% recycled tires and creates a soft mat while children are playing on outdoor equipment. With advances in technology rubber mulch has won over many past skeptics. You can find rubber playground mulch easily and for an affordable price. Before making a final decision about the mulch you will be using in your playground, look at all of the pros and cons of rubber playground mulch.

Pros – Rubber Playground Mulch

One of the best features of this type of rubber mulch is safety. Children fall often while playing and falling onto soft rubber is much nicer than falling onto the rough surface of wood mulch. Do yourself and your children a favor and install this great material underneath the swings, slide and other playground equipment.

Another great feature of playground rubber mulch is not rotting or washing away when it rains. If you have ever visited a playground shortly after a rainstorm it is almost impossible to navigate the wet smelly mulch. Rubber mulch will drain quickly and look great.

Attracting bugs is a definite downfall to wooden mulch. Installing rubber playground mulch will keep the insects away and hopefully keep the children safe from bug bites and even splinters.

Rubber playground mulch will last much longer than traditional materials. Even though it costs a little more in the beginning – you will save money because you will not need to replace it every year.

Choosing great colors for your rubber playground mulch is another positive. If you want your landscaping to match the color of your home – find the perfect mulch for your situation.

Cons – Playground Rubber Mulch

The only real con to rubber mulch is that it looks artificial. Although, this may not be a bad thing. Not only are you helping the environment by “going green” and recycling,  you are providing a fun and exciting play area for your family.  Feel confident in finding rubber playground mulch today.