No longer is rubber stamping synonymous with sending out letters or other business stationery.  In the past several years, the art of stamping has taken on a  following almost as big as the DIY culture itself.  And don’t think of it as something just for the kids, either.  In the past twenty years, rubber stamp designs have become more and more unique and have intricate patterns.  Some people are using craft rubber stamps to decorate walls or embellish home accessories.

If you’re not convinced, just visit the craft section at any store or art supply chain and you’ll find ink in colors other than black or blue.  Or you will be amazed at how many shades of blue come in pigments designed for long-term use.  There are even ink blends that can create an airbrushed or psychedelic look to any surface.

Rubber stamps are also good for those trying to save money on computer ink.  That’s right, ink cartridges can get expensive and ink refill kits can be messy and time-consuming. Using a signature or logo stamp that is pre-inked will save you the time and hassle of turning on electronic devices just to prepare one document or letter.

If you or your organization wants to add a personalized touch to documents, custom rubber stamps are easy to order online or at an office supply store and cost less than customized stationery.

With the art and scrapbooking movement becoming more and more popular, stamp pads not only come in colors like orange and bright green, but the inks now dry faster than traditional pads and are fade resistant.  Unlike stamp ink pads of yesteryear, the ink does not run off the side when not on a flat surface.

Art rubber stamps can also be used to decorate clothing and other fabric.  This is a good project for kids or those who wish to not use heat to transfer images.  This method is not only quick but creates less mess.

Start with a small stamp kit and some paper so you will see how easy it is!